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Risks Discovered Through Yaz Research

There have been many news reports of Yaz side effects, and in some instances even deaths related to the drug drospirenone. All oral contraceptives (birth control pills) work similarly to prevent pregnancy, and in some cases are used for other medical purposes. It’s also true that all birth control pills carry some risks of side effects, with the most serious being the developing of blood clots, which prevent the normal blood flow through the veins. This constriction of blood flow can cause stroke, heart attack, and in some instances, even death.

All birth control pills use a combination of hormones – such as estrogen and progestin – which is routine. The problem with Yaz is the synthetic progestin used in these oral contraceptives, called drospirenone. In August of 2009, the British Medical Journal published two independent studies that discovered that women who were taking birth control pills containing the drug drospirenone had a much greater risk of developing blood clots that could lead to many dangerous side effects, including pulmonary embolisms and even Yaz deaths. Here is a list of popular birth control pills that contain drospirenone:

  • Syeda
  • Yasmin
  • Yaz
  • Zarah
  • Loryna
  • Ocella
  • Safyral
  • Beyaz
  • Gianvi

Bayer and Yaz Studies

While most independent studies found conclusive evidence that Yaz and other related oral contraceptives can increase a patient’s risk of developing serious Yaz side effects, including blood clots which can lead to pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, stroke, and even death; one study, funded by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Company, concluded that there were no greater risks in taking Yaz than with other birth control pills. Bayer Pharmaceuticals Company happens to be the maker of Yaz, Yasmin, and Beyaz.

Yaz had been the number one selling birth control pill in the US by the end of 2008. But because of the controversy surrounding the multiple reports of increased risks and symptoms of blood clots, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to conduct their own studies of Yaz and Yasmin. After the studies were complete, the FDA issued several warnings about the increased risks of developing blood clot complications such as PE’s and DVT’s related to Yaz, and also warned Bayer that their advertisement media promoting Yaz were misleading and understated the risks of developing Yaz side effects.

Lawsuits Rely on Yaz Research

The FDA report was based on a study of more than 800,000 women who had reported complications associated with birth control pills containing drospirenone, with at least 50 having resulted in Yaz deaths. It is no surprise that in a report conducted in 2011 by The Institute for Safe Medicine Practices, Yaz and Yasmin ranks second for the number of complications and side effects reported to the FDA.

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