Defective Drugs

Risks of Defective Drugs

Yaz, as well as Yasmin, Ocella, Beyaz, Safyral, and Ginavi have been aggressively marketed and touted. What quickly became apparent, though, is that the Yaz risks are magnified compared to earlier generations of the pill. Both Yaz and Yasmin, and other contraceptives containing the drug drospirenone, have been linked to a long list of complications related to drospirenone blood clot side effects.

  • If you are currently taking Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, Gianvi, Safyral or Beyaz consult with your healthcare professional to see if there’s a safer alternative you can take.
  • If you notice any of the known side effects associated with the drug, see a doctor right away.
  • If you have been injured by a defective drug, contact a product liability lawyer to find out how you can obtain assistance.

How are These Drugs Defective?

In simple terms, Yaz is a birth control pill that combines the female hormones, estrogen and progestin, for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. The problem is that the progestin is a synthetic drug, and has produced numerous damaging side effects. Those side effects are related to what is known as venous thromboembolic events (VTE’s), or blood clots, which can cause a variety of significant Yaz risks and side effects. Some of those side effects may include:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Myocardial Infarction, or heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

If you or a loved one have used Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, Gianvi, Safyral, BeYaz or another form of birth control that contains drospirenone and if you have experienced any drospirenone side effects, call our office at 800-910-0529 to speak with an attorney today about your rights.

Defective Drug Lawsuit Information

Bayer Healthcare, the German pharmaceutical giant, is the manufacturer of Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Safyral and some other oral contraceptives that contain the drug drospirenone. Many of the plaintiffs claim that Bayer used false or misleading advertisements that completely downplayed the likelihood of developing Yaz risks such as pulmonary embolism, stroke, high blood pressure and other drospirenone side effects. In 2009, after the release of medical report by the British Medical Journal, the FDA funded some additional studies of their own, and then issued several warnings to the public about Yaz and Yasmin and the risks associated with them. Also, the FDA issued several warnings to Bayer about their advertising methods and their lack of adequate package warnings. Here are a few of the claims by plaintiffs against Bayer Pharmaceuticals Company:

  • Failure to conduct proper research on drospirenone
  • Failure to highlight associated risks
  • Fraudulent concealment
  • Advertising in a false or misleading manner

Please note that Bayer still denies the allegations, even though they have set aside over a billion dollars to settle blood clot related claims.

If you have suffered from any of the multiple Yaz risks, including pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack, call 800-910-0529 or send an email to speak with an experienced products liability lawyer. We will help you evaluate your case and see if you may qualify as a plaintiff in a Yaz lawsuit. The call is free and confidential and our firm is not paid unless we win your case.

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